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The Eaton Asphalt Difference 

Asphalt Manufacturing plant drum

Eaton Asphalt is your turn-key asphalt paving contractor and asphalt manufacturer. From asphalt production to designing, pulverizing/milling, grading, paving and applying the finishing touches, the team at Eaton Asphalt has your project under control from start to finish delivering a product and service that sets us apart.

Dump truck under asphalt silos being loaded with asphaltAt Eaton Asphalt the difference begins before our crews arrive to your site. With over 25 custom mixes that have been developed and rigorously tested; we provide the best asphalt mix for you, every time.

In addition to our custom mixes, we have set up a total quality control program to ensure all materials produced exceed consumers’ requirements and expectations. The testing and certification capabilities extend from our certified liquid asphalt binder lab, to our American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) accredited mix design labs and to our field testing capabilities.



The Asphalt Manufacturing Process

Asphalt is a durable material made from dried crushed rock and petroleum compounds. It is a natural and 100% recyclable material that is used in a variety of applications from paving roads to lining water reservoirs and fish hatcheries.

Asphalt plants mix and heat the petroleum compounds and crushed rock to create the asphalt product. The asphalt is then loaded into trucks or stored in silos.

To learn more about the asphalt manufacturing process and follow it from the quarry to the road, please take a look at the video below from the Plantmix Asphalt Institute of Kentucky:

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